Trout Fishing Trips in Oregon

$200 per angler
March 1 – 7

Bull Trout Lake & Billy Chinook Cove Pallisades, Madras, Oregon.

Bull Trout – Lake Billy Chinook Cove Palisades, Madras, Oregon. Four Seats Minimum to reserve (Sled). This is a very popular trip therefore we recommend reserving your dates early., We will obtain your licenses and tags the morning of your trip. Special Native American permit is required and cost around $35.00.

Lake Billy Chinook is one of Central Oregon’s Scenic wonders, it is a giant reservoir where three famous rivers come together. The Deschutes, Crooked and the Metolius rivers near the town of Madras, Oregon. Billy Chinook has over 70 miles of shoreline and is the only place in Oregon where you can catch and keep Bull trout. The Bull Trout have to be 24 inches in length to retain and you can only keep one per day, there are always plenty of shakers to catch and release which is always fun. The Metolius arm closes every year and rests until March 1st. These fish can be caught all year but the first week is always special so reserve early. An Oregon fishing license is required as well as a special Native American license, we will help you obtain both before we start fishing.

April 1 – June 15

Lost Lake and Rock Creek Central Oregon

Two seats Minimum. Can take groups of 4, two boats, but must be pre-arranged. (Drift Boat) Lots of action!

Early April until mid-June we offer an incredible personal experience. We book trips to the high lakes on the East Side of Mount Hood. These lakes offer some of the best Rainbow trout fishing in the world with nonstop action in breathtaking scenic beauty. We take two anglers at a time to these crystal clear lakes and quick troll spoons with light tackle. Incredible experience for dad and children, or husband and wife to just have a nonstop action filled adventure. Most days you have to wade through the small trout to get to the big ones! We have been fishing these lakes for over 30 years and only book a few trips a year, so book early. Minimum of two but can take groups of 4 in two boats if pre-arranged. *Also custom trout trips can be prearranged to other lakes with motor. We can take groups of 6.

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